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Princeton Review Ranks The Law Schools With The Best Career Prospects

Good news, everyone! Princeton Review — the other, other white meat U.S. News — has released its very own law school rankings. This year, we are treated to the Best 168 Law Schools Rankings. As usual, the rankings are divided into 11 categories filled with mostly nonsensical results. After all, where else will you find Cooley Law on a list for having the “Most Competitive Students”?

But nonetheless, in this kind of a down market, everyone’s been itching to see a rankings list of the law schools that will verily ensure graduates’ employability (except for the purposes of suing over employment statistics, of course). Honestly, why go to law school in the first place if as a result you’re only qualified to stock shelves at the local convenience store?

That’s why everyone breathed a sigh of relief when Princeton Review released its somewhat-ridiculous “Best Career Prospects” rankings list. Because any list that doesn’t include Yale is sure to be worth reading….

The Princeton Review’s results were based on a survey of 18,000 law students, but some rankings also factored in school-reported data. Needless to say, we hope that the rankings below included actual data.

Without further ado, here are the top-ten law schools on Princeton Review’s “Best Career Prospects” list:

1. Columbia Law School
2. University of Chicago Law School
3. UC Berkeley Law (Boalt Hall)
4. Northwestern University School of Law
5. NYU Law School
6. Harvard Law School
7. University of Pennsylvania Law School
8. University of Michigan Law School
9. Stanford Law School
10. UVA Law School

And to think that back in March, Columbia Law had been accused by the New York Post of gaming its post-graduation employment statistics. Yet in today’s piece about Columbia’s rank on the “Best Career Prospects” list, the New York Post quips, “What job crisis?” Funny how these things work.

What’s to be learned from the Princeton Review’s list? Apparently Yale Law students are too busy being intellectual geniuses to respond to silly little surveys. That, and the Princeton Review relied a little bit too heavily on student feedback over actual data for these results.

Did your alma mater make the cut? Have at it in the comments, folks.

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