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Rumors Continue To Spread About This Prosecutor’s Panties (Or Alleged Lack Thereof)

Out in Ohio, a woman’s campaign for reelection as county prosecutor has been marred by vicious rumors about her panties (or the alleged lack thereof). As the account is told, apparently Hocking County Prosecutor Laina Fetherolf experienced a wardrobe malfunction of sorts while in Judge John Wallace’s courtroom. It reminded us of the deposition in which counsel argued over a claim that one attorney’s shirt was so sheer the witness could see her breasts.

But in this case, Fetherolf was wearing a light-colored dress with dark panties, and a judge allegedly instructed her to fix her fashion faux pas. Okay, here’s where the story gets a little absurd. So, like any reasonable woman, Fetherolf reportedly ran to the men’s room (mmhmm), removed her panties (suuure), and returned to the courtroom, commando-style (give me a break).

You’ll never guess what she supposedly did next….

According to the allegations by Fetherolf’s election opponent, the county prosecutor then entered her panties into evidence and proclaimed, “Problem solved.” We’ll let the Columbus Dispatch take it from here:

It never happened, Fetherolf says. “I was willing to laugh it off until the story began to spread … I’ve heard about it from multiple people. Everybody in Logan is talking about this story he made up,” she said yesterday.

Judge Wallace was restrained about details, but he agreed with the prosecutor: “No panties have ever been placed on my bench by anyone, including her.”

Laina Fetherolf

Judge Wallace can always dream.

In the meantime, Fetherolf reported her opponent’s alleged rumor-mongering to the Ohio Elections Commission, which led the director of the commission to muse: “This is one of the more interesting complaints we’ve ever received.” Guess it wasn’t that interesting, because Fetherolf’s complaint was dismissed yesterday (alas, it wasn’t based on her opponent’s campaign literature).

According to Wonkette, however, Fetherolf claimed on her campaign’s Facebook page that it was dismissed “due to a typographical error.” She pledged to refile, assuring her supporters that “justice will be done.”

Seeking “justice” over rumors about your underwear? Jeez, don’t get your prosecutorial panties in a bunch.

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