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So They Think They Can Dance: Students And Alumni Of A Top Law School Make A Cute Music Video

Yale Law School

In the latest law school rankings by Princeton Review, Yale Law School, U.S. News’s usual #1 school, got shut out of the top ten for “Best Career Prospects.” Ouch. I guess being a law clerk en route to becoming a law professor is not considered much of a “career.”

Presumably the Princeton Review folks were referring to career prospects in the legal profession. Fortunately for YLS, its graduates possess many other talents besides drafting motions in limine and negotiating software licenses.

Do singing and dancing count as “employed upon graduation”? Let’s check out the latest efforts of these Elis

A Yale Law tipster sent us this video, along with commentary:

No, this isn’t a joke. YLS students/grads, for your viewing pleasure.

Don’t write about it unless you say something mean. God, am I a terrible person? All I know is that it’s full of kids from Yale who want to be musical stars but for obvious reasons had to settle for being attorneys.

Ouch — that was way harsh. Maybe you should have gone to Harvard Law School, where students learn how to be mean. At kinder, gentler Yale, they say only nice things about each others’ endeavors.

Actually, as it turns out, we’ve already said lots of mean things about Yalie forays into the creative arts. As some of you may recall, we relegated YLS to the dishonorable mentions in our most recent law revue video contest. As my colleague Staci Zaretsky put it, “Sorry folks, but you really ought to stick to what you’re good at: being smart.”

On to today’s video, which may redeem Yale’s honor. Here’s how its creator, Josiah Pertz, describes it:

Written, directed, choreographed, acted, played and danced by current and former Yale Law School students, “My Ex” is like Law Revue, but for life.

Check it out for yourself:

Wasn’t that delightful? The song is sweet and catchy, the dancing is surprisingly good (for law students and lawyers), and the cameos by the non-Yalies are hilarious.

It’s not yet the season for law revue videos. What’s the backstory behind this clip? Let’s find out….

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