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Cooley Law Kicks Homeless Man Off Its Property for Photo Op

‘Brother, can you spare $150K so I can pay off my loan debt?’

So, remember back in August when Cooley Law School put up a bronze sculpture of the school’s namesake lecturing a homeless man at its Grand Rapids campus? At the time, we thought it might’ve been some kind of abstract art representation of Thomas M. Cooley telling a recent graduate of the second-best law school in all the land that he wouldn’t be issued a refund, despite his homelessness (and presumable joblessness).

But it seems that after successfully getting a lawsuit over the school’s employment statistics tossed out of court, the powers that be at Cooley Law decided this deceased bronzed jurist was no longer interested in lecturing the poor and downtrodden — after all, a living judge already effectively did that, by telling the world that Cooley’s job data was essentially “meaningless,” and couldn’t have been reasonably relied upon by otherwise prudent people.

And so, like any evil despot, the law school gave the poor bum one last kick in the nuts for old times’ sake….

In case you missed it the first time, here’s the sculpture at Cooley’s Grand Rapids campus (click to enlarge):

And here it is at the Ann Arbor campus, as noted by in a recent piece. Notice anything missing?

Don’t worry, we’re sure the homeless dude is just busy working on his appeal in MacDonald v. Cooley. And perhaps, if he’s lucky, good ol’ Tom Cooley will allow him to shine his shoes when he comes back.

Cooley Law School dedicates bronze sculpture of Justice Thomas M. Cooley []

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