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October Lawyer of the Month: Bruno Mars Lyrics in Practice

It’s time to announce the winner of October’s Lawyer of the Month competition. Our four contestants ranged from the devilishly handsome to the depressingly drunk and disorderly, but somehow, for the second month in a row, our readers were able to pick a winner who was actually deserving of the Lawyer of the Month title for his truly heroic deeds.

In September, our readers selected a prosecutor who was willing to take a literal beating to help strangers in need of assistance. In October, our readers favored the courageous efforts of yet another valiant man.

Like in that Bruno Mars song, this guy would jump in front of a train for ya….

October’s Lawyer of the Month is James Baber, a law student at Seton Hall. Yes, we know, this is a Lawyer of the Month competition, but sometimes law students do things that are crazy enough to get them into the running. And jumping in front of an oncoming train to save an elderly woman is a pretty outrageous thing to do. Baber took home 52% of the overall vote, so you know that he had the proper credentials to be a nominee.

So what crosses a man’s mind when he’s about to hurl himself in front of a speeding train to save a life?

James Baber

“It’s not like there was much of a thought process. There was a man waving his arms to signal the train to stop, but no one else was going to be able to get there in time.”

Remember this guy the next time you plan on making some snarky comment about this profession. Baber’s not only a wonderful would-be lawyer, but he’s also a wonderful human being. Maybe they’ll talk about him in torts class at Seton Hall when they’re learning about Good Samaritan liability.

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