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Associate Bonus Watch: Davis Polk and MoFo (New York)


On behalf of the firm and the New York partners, I am very pleased to announce that we will be paying New York market year-end bonuses for 2012, in the amount described in the chart below on February 15, 2013.

The bonus will be paid to New York associates in a manner consistent with the firm’s compensation and evaluation policies.

Bonuses will be based on salary class year and will be prorated for start dates, part-time arrangements, and any leaves of absence taken during the calendar year. While the New York discretionary bonus is not contingent on achieving a specific hours target, bonus amounts paid may vary based on differences in levels of contribution, whether as to quality or hours markedly below expectations for the New York market, and an individual bonus may be adjusted downwards or withheld. Subject to the foregoing, bonuses will be paid to all New York associates who progress with their salary classes based on their annual evaluations and are in good standing and employed with the firm when the bonuses are paid.

Bonuses for Of Counsel are determined separately; we will send individual messages on those bonuses in January.

The amounts of the year-end bonuses will be as follows:

Salary Class Year Amount of year-end bonus

Class of 2012 $10,000 (prorated)
Class of 2011 $10,000
Class of 2010 $14,000
Class of 2009 $20,000
Class of 2008 $27,000
Class of 2007 $34,000
Class of 2006 $40,000
Class of 2005 $50,000
Class of 2004 $60,000
(+ prior years)

Thank you for all that you have done for the firm and our clients in 2012. Best wishes for the New Year.



Brett H. Miller
Managing Partner, NY
Morrison & Foerster LLP
1290 Avenue of the Americas | New York, NY 10104-0050

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