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Law Profs Have Holiday Party In The Reading Room During Exam Period

Party time?

It’s finals time already. For professors, that means another semester is in the books. Sure they still have to grade the exams, but that’s what stairs are for.

With their teaching duties done, the faculty at the University of Memphis School of Law decided to have a holiday party, with a band, in the reading room of the library while students were studying for finals.

Kind of brings new meaning to the term “tone deaf,” doesn’t it?

In a move that is reminiscent of catching your gym teacher smoking behind the high school, the faculty at Memphis Law had a party during finals in the library. We have photographic evidence, from an irate tipster:

Man, the problems with this are endless. First of all, what kind of weak-ass “holiday party” starts at 9:00 a.m. in a library? What did the Memphis Law Faculty Evite look like? “Please RSVP with the exact five minutes you intend to show up to this stupid thing so that people can avoid seeing your stupid face if they so choose.”

Actually, our tipsters tell us that it was a hopping event. Apparently the faculty had a band. Honestly, who brings a band to a library?

Obviously, 1Ls are beyond pissed:

The general consensus is anger. Most people I have talked to believe that this party is indicative of the faculty’s total disconnect from reality — they are literally fiddling while Rome is burning around them (at least for the 1Ls). We are in the middle of exams at a school where grades matter if you want a job. It is unfathomable that nobody on the faculty saw the absurdity of throwing a party with a band in the main reading room of the library during exams. The phrase I have heard over and over is “I am at a loss for words.”

Protip, Memphis Law faculty: Make your library party a grading party instead of a holiday party. You can all get together, have some bourbon, barbeque, and a band, and “grade” exams. That way, your obvious disdain for the most important part of law school for students will be masked with the party. You’ll be hiding in plain sight.

If there are other, you know, amazingly inconsiderate holiday parties going on, let us know.

UPDATE (7:00 PM): Some commenters claim that the reading room is separate from the rest of the library. But they acknowledge that students do sometimes, you know, read in the reading room. So one wonders why the party couldn’t have been held in a cafeteria, conference room, faculty lounge, or other suitable space, somewhere on the university’s campus.

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