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Career Alternatives for Attorneys: Lego Brick Artist

Having a bad day in Biglaw?

Did you love Legos as a child? Well, who didn’t? They’re colorful and creativity-triggering. Having your child play with Legos is probably better than handing him an iPad equipped with Angry Birds (although I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of Angry Birds to mollify a misbehaving child, so I don’t judge).

But did you ever think, regarding Legos, that you could turn it into a living? And not just a living, but a successful career as an artist?

Today in career alternatives, we meet a lawyer turned Lego lover. His sculptures have appeared in museums and galleries around the country….

His name is Nathan Sawaya, and we’ve written about him before in these pages. Check out his interview with Spencer Mazyck of Bloomberg, in which Sawaya reveals why he went to law school, which firm he worked at after graduation, and what led him to make the transition from attorney to artist:

Pretty gutsy of Sawaya to make such a move while he still had all that student loan debt, no? But it sounds like things have worked out for him beautifully — and that his training as a lawyer has been useful to him as an artist. You can read more about him, and view some of his impressive sculptures, on his artist website.

Congratulations to Nathan Sawaya on his thriving artistic career. And good luck to him as he continues to build on his past successes, brick by brick.

Stealth Lawyer: Nathan Sawaya, Lego Brick Artist [Bloomberg Law via YouTube]
Nathan Sawaya [official website]

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