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Career Alternatives for Attorneys: Technology-Enabled Fashion Apparel Designer

These days, traveling for work can be a real pain thanks to the efforts of the Transportation Security Administration. With all of the electronic gadgets you may be carrying with you to your destination, having to unload and reload your bags and pockets during every business trip you make can get old, and quickly at that.

If only there were something — perhaps an article of clothing — that would allow you to carry everything you could possibly need, from work-related tech gear to personal items and more. All you’d have to do is take it off at security checkpoints and then be on your way without the usual hassle. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

As it turns out, that piece of clothing exists, and it was created by a former corporate and real estate lawyer….

Meet Scott Jordan, co-founder and CEO of SCOTTEVEST, a technology enabled clothing company. Since the company’s inception, Jordan’s legal background has helped him immensely and enabled him to save a lot of money. He’s even successfully defended his patents against the likes of North Face and Patagonia.

So how does a “damn good lawyer” from DLA Piper make the transition to designing 21st century clothing? And what the heck is an e-vest? Jordan discusses the answers with Lee Pacchia of Bloomberg Law:

If you’d like to enter a world where time sheets are a thing of the past, then follow this innovative attorney’s lead. Congratulations to Scott Jordan for his success at SCOTTEVEST. Click here to purchase his clothes.

Stealth Lawyer: Scott Jordan, Co-Founder of Scottevest [Bloomberg Law via YouTube]

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