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Gradenfreude: The Employment Questionnaire Lower-Ranked Law Schools Should REALLY Be Using


Post Graduate Employment Status:

– Continuing education

  • Where? _______________________

– Not employed, not looking for work
– Not employed, looking for work
– Employed

  • I chase ambulances
  • I review documents
  • Tristan Taylor Thomas is my coworker

Employment Information:

– Where do you work?

  • Front of the House
  • Back of the House
  • Name of Street Corner: _______________________

– What are your wages?

  • Room and board
  • Minimum wage
  • I sometimes dream of getting paid

Source of Job:

  • Deal with the devil
  • Career Services online posting (haha, we’re just kidding, those don’t really exist)
  • Grew a pair of nuts and hung a shingle

Would you go back to law school?

  • No
  • Hell no
  • Is that a sick joke?

When not writing about life after law school for Above the Law, Tristan Taylor Thomas (not his real name) works at a retail job stocking shelves — which he admits is slightly better than being a shoeshiner. You can reach him by email at

(hidden for your protection)

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