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Career Alternatives for Attorneys: Game Show Writer

If you’re an attorney who’s trying to escape the practice of law, sometimes the most obvious route is the best one. As we’ve noted previously, beneath the skin of many a suit-sporting lawyer beats the heart of a writer. And by now, writing must be hardwired into your soul, so why not try to take it to the next level?

Or better yet, perhaps you’re passionate about writing, but you’re an out-and-out trivia nerd. You’d think that jobs like that would be hard to come by, but today’s stealth lawyer didn’t exactly have a rough go of it when he first tried to make his foray into game show writing.

Who is he, and what shows has he produced and written for? Let’s find out….

Meet Art Chung, a graduate of NYU Law School who went on to join Simpson Thacher after graduation. When he was younger, he wanted to become a Supreme Court justice. So how did he make such a drastic career change? As he explains to Spencer Mazyck of Bloomberg Law, Chung thinks becoming a partner at a law firm was like winning a pie eating competition where the only prize is more pie, and he’s not a fan of pie.

Chung has written and produced for at least four game show series in the past, and he’s currently a writer for NPR’s “Ask Me Another.” He’s even won a Daytime Emmy in the Outstanding Game/Audience Participation Show. Seeing as the lawyers of the world seem to know a lot of trivia, survey says trying to become a game show writer could be a worthwhile experience. After all, Art Chung gave it a shot, and it worked out smashingly.

Stealth Lawyer: Art Chung, Game Show Writer [Bloomberg Law via YouTube]

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