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Gunfire Erupts Inside Courthouse, Multiple People Killed

In recent weeks, we’ve seen a great deal of gun violence — a law firm shooting in Arizona, resulting in the death of a partner, as well as a shooting outside of a courthouse, resulting in the death of a prosecutor.

This morning, multiple people in the New Castle County Courthouse, the home base of Delaware’s Court of Chancery, were shot, and at least one was killed.

The situation is still developing, but here’s what we know right now….

Here’s some early video coverage of the event:

The News Journal has additional information as to exactly what occurred:

Five people were shot when a gunman opened fire at the New Castle County Courthouse this morning, state police said. At least one of the wounded was a Capitol Police officer.

Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams reported the shooter had been killed.

The shooter was killed by Capitol Police officers, according to state police spokesman Sgt. Paul Shavack. The shooter was in his late 20s to early 30s Police are still trying to determine to determine his identity.

The shooting began around 8 a.m. when the gunman was stopped by security at a security checkpoint inside the front door.

Authorities have now taken over the area, and the streets surrounding the courthouse have been shut down. The victims’ conditions have not yet been released to the public, but according to eyewitness accounts, one woman “appeared to be dead in the lobby.” Here’s information about the shooter from the Associated Press:

Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams said Monday in a telephone interview that the shooter was killed by police. Williams says he was told the shooter shot and killed his wife and wounded two other people at approximately 8:10 a.m. Williams says the couple were estranged.

If you have additional details about this morning’s shooting, please feel free to email us. We extend our sympathies and condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of today’s shooting victims.

UPDATE (12:45 p.m.): Two of the shooter’s victims have died, and two police officers suffered non-life-threatening injuries. May they rest in peace.

5 wounded at NCCo Courthouse; shooter dead [News Journal]
Suspected courthouse shooter, wife dead in Del. [Big Story / Associated Press]

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