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Terrible Job Watch: Employer Claims To Offer Job Worth More Than Money, So He Won’t Pay Anybody


Rapidly Expanding Consumer Law Firm Seeks Future Associate (Law Clerk) (Loop)
Regional Consumer Law Firm Seeks Unpaid (for now) 2L Law Clerk

Who are you?

We are a small boutique Midwest Consumer Law Firm headquartered in Chicago positioning itself for rapid growth. We are comprised of Attorneys and Entrepreneurs and are looking to eventually hire our first Associate Attorney. Although we are currently small, our past law firm(s) are well known, multi-million dollar organizations that we helped start from the ground up. We are looking to recreate/improve past successes by applying what we’ve done well and avoiding the mistakes we’ve watched others make. Although we certainly enjoy the finer things in life, we believe money does not define who you are, that life is too short for drama, and our NUMBER ONE GOAL (outside of providing the best legal services possible) is ensuring that our employees NEVER, EVER dread coming into work. People spend more time at their office than they do at home. A such, maintaining our culture and our integrity is more important than the profit we make.

What is your firm looking for?

A bright, personable, entrepreneurially minded, well spoken law student with a drive to help people. The perfect candidate will realize that failure is not an option, that every client is as important as themselves, and believe in themselves enough to realize that all hard work will eventually bring about financial reward. We are looking for our first Associate Attorney so based on our projected growth we believe that a 2L is the best suited for this opportunity.

What does the position offer?

The opportunity to get on the ground floor of a law firm that will shortly be known throughout the Midwest. The Law Clerk will gain immediate exposure to consumers/clients that are in financial distress and be able to apply legal rules and theories under the direct supervision of an attorney. The Partners of our law firm have an open door policy, the environment is light and lively, and although you’ll frequently see us in suits we certainly are not a “stuffy” law firm. To us, our employees are just as important as the profit that we make.

Why should I want to be your law clerk?

It is no secret that there aren’t very many available job openings for new graduates. More specifically, a large percentage of new law grads are unemployed or are working in non-law related fields. This opportunity will likely be a golden ticket for the Law Clerk that has the “it” factor we are looking for. While managing your school/work balance will certainly be a challenge, your ability to balance our demands while keeping up your grades will demonstrate to us that we’ve chosen the right candidate.

Why are you asking me to work for free?

Because we’ve done it ourselves. We’ve reached the pinnacle of our success today by investing in ourselves. Even as new members of the bar, we knew that if we got our foot the door of a law firm it would be impossible for them not to hire us. They did, we were rapidly promoted, and now we’re looking to provide the same opportunity to a driven. forward-looking student. Since we are looking to invest in your future, you should be willing to invest in our firm.

Who should NOT apply?

Students that are applying as a “stop gap” until they can find their “ideal” position should NOT apply. We will see through your intentions in about fifteen seconds. Furthermore, those that are not CONFIDENT that they are going to “WOW” us within the first five minutes of the interview should shuffle through. Likewise, potential applicants who are not committed to devoting themselves to our mission, assimilate to our culture , are afraid of rapid change, or wouldn’t wake up feeling great about themselves if the day before they literally changed someone’s life for the better might should reconsider reading any further. Moreover, if you’ve asked yourself once “why would I work for free?” while reading this ad – we won’t fit well together.

How to Apply/Application Process:

Reply to this posting with a cover letter and a resume. GENERIC COVER LETTERS WILL BE DISCARDED. In the cover letter, address specifically how you fit the attributes of the applicant outlined above. We remember applying to our first law clerk positions in bulk and caution you from doing so, here. This position could alter the course of your professional career so we ask that you spend at least fifteen minutes applying for it. Likewise, we promise to spend the same amount of time reviewing your information before reaching out. We will conduct lengthy phone interviews which will be followed up with in-person interviews for a select few.

Will the Law Clerk position eventually be paid?

We certainly hope so. Our history shows that we have continually taken care of those that have dedicated their time to our businesses and causes. Nothing would prevent us from compensating the law clerk once the law clerk begins to generate revenue for the firm. However, we believe the likely guarantee of an associates position to be much more valuable than the $10-12 x hour the position could pay now. As such, we ask for likeminded visionaries to apply.

When would I start?

The position will start as soon as we find the “IT” we are looking for. We have plenty of work to go around.

Rapidly Expanding Consumer Law Firm Seeks Future Associate (Law Clerk) (Loop) [Craigslist]

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