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An Unofficial Orientation to Law School: Tell Us Your Stories

Our very own Joe and Elie will be hosting an “Unofficial Orientation to Law School” on Google Hangouts, Google’s new video chat platform. This three-part series will help 0Ls navigate the application process and the first year of school and hopefully steer them towards an actual lawyer job, without the crippling debt. Confirmed guest panelists for the Hangouts include professors from Harvard and Georgetown, Biglaw hiring partners and associates, and current law students.

We are looking for help from those of you who have already cleared the major hurdles of a legal career: by getting into law school, by succeeding academically, and by landing a job.

We are looking for three categories of stories:

1.  What was your law school application strategy? Did you retake the LSAT? How did you decide where to apply? How did you choose which school to attend? Did/do you plan to transfer?

2.  What was your strategy for academic success?  Did you join a study group?  Did you buy commercial outlines or hornbooks?  Did you use a tutor or coach?

3. How did you find a job?  OCI?  Networking with student groups?  Random luck?

So this goes out to all the success stories out there in Lawland: Share your stories with us. E-mail us at and include “hangout” in the subject line.

Your stories may be used in the hangouts anonymously, or with the submittor’s (is this a word) permission. The videos of the Hangouts will be available starting April 10 and this series is sponsored by our friends at Lexis, BARBRI, and Law Preview, a BARBRI company.


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