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Career Alternatives for Attorneys: Disney World Guru

Mickey Mouse, Esquire?

“I’m leaving the legal profession.”

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to Disney World!”

This is, in a nutshell, the story of the latest lawyer featured in our series on career alternatives for attorneys. But there is a lesson here of broader applicability.

Are you looking to leave the law? Your treasure trove of “useless” knowledge could be a valuable asset….

After graduating from Seton Hall Law School, clerking, and practicing with his father for almost a decade, Lou Mongello turned a longtime obsession into a full-time occupation. He explains how he transformed his lifelong interest in the world of Disney into a successful business, in this interview with Spencer Mazyck of Bloomberg Law:

It’s an inspiring story, isn’t it? Mongello took his incredible knowledge of all things Disney and parlayed it into a thriving multimedia enterprise, featuring radio and video shows, books, and websites. And as he explains in the video, he gives back to the community of Disney lovers through the Dream Team Project.

If you might want to follow in Mongello’s footsteps, try your best to maintain hobbies or interests outside practicing law. You never know how or when an interest in a seemingly obscure topic could evolve into something that allows you to enter the Magic Kingdom — of life beyond the law.

Stealth Lawyer: Lou Mongello, Disney Expert & Historian [Bloomberg Law via YouTube]

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