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Above the Law’s Fifth Annual Law Revue Video Contest: Everybody’s Got Time For That!

Spring is in the air this week, and you know what that means: we’re now seeking submissions for our annual law revue video contest. Last year, 23 law schools submitted 31 videos for the contest. Some of them were funny, some of them were “meh,” and some of them made us want to close our heads inside of our laptops. You do NOT want to be in the last category.

But if you think you can carry a tune or tell a joke, we ask that you send us your very best law revue videos so that we — and the Above the Law audience — may pass judgment upon them. Get out the soothing lotion now, folks, because you might need it after we’re done with you.

Those responsible for the winning video will get Above the Law t-shirts and the pleasure of knowing they’re the envy of all their law school brethren. As for the losers, well… how embarrassing for you.

Before you start sending us your videos (and some of you have already tried), we’ve got some rules. As future members of the legal profession, you should be able to follow the rules….

The rules have not changed from last year. They are as follows:

1. Your video must be publicly available online somewhere. Send us the link at with the subject line “Law Revue Video Contest Submission – [School Name].” We’ll accept submissions of any videos posted after April 10, 2012 (the deadline for last year’s contest).

2. Send us that submission by THURSDAY, APRIL 18, at 5:00 PM (Eastern time). That’s not a soft, law school deadline; it’s a hard, law firm deadline. (NO EXCEPTIONS, so don’t even try pleading with us; if you’re reading this post after the deadline, you don’t read ATL frequently enough.)

3. We will accept “studio recordings” of scenes intended for live performance.

4. Your editors here at ATL will make a list of our favorites, the competition finalists, and post them.

5. We will NOT watch videos longer than 5 minutes. Use editing tools, people.

6. Please submit no more than two entries per school (one per school is even better). Try to collaborate with your fellow students and submit no more than two entries. If the leadership of Law Revue can come up with “official” submissions, that would be ideal.

7. ATL readers will then vote to choose the funniest of the finalists. The winning team will receive ATL t-shirts (limit five shirts).

Here are some other unofficial rules:

A. Please send funny videos only.

B. You have no idea how short our attention spans are. If you use the full five minutes, it best be HILARIOUS.

C. Gratuitous shout-outs to Above the Law are appreciated and encouraged.

D. Your ATL editors represent a diverse spectrum of sexual preference. Dress accordingly.

E. Video quality matters. A shaky clip shot on a handheld from a third-floor balcony is probably not going to make the cut.

F. Don’t make us hate you.

The time has come for you to lip synch law revue for your life. GOOD LUCK, and don’t screw it up!!!

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