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Judge of the Day: Sex Was On the Docket in His Chambers

Judge Wade McCree

You must remember Judge Wade McCree. Not only is he the son of the first African-American to be appointed to the Sixth Circuit, but he’s also the man who sent sext messages to his bailiff and had an affair with one of the litigants who appeared before him while he was on the bench. Note that we’re no longer using the word “allegedly” in that sentence.

We now know for sure that McCree — who’s been referred to as Judge McCreep since the media caught wind of his sexual derring-do — was getting down and dirty with the woman who he claimed had been stalking and extorting him, the same woman who shouted from the rooftops that she’d banged McCree’s gavel “[o]n his desk, in the chair, the couch, you name it.”

We know with relative certainty that McCree did all of these things because he just admitted it all in his response to the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission’s (MJTC) formal complaint.

Let’s see if he’s got any “shame in [his] game” now….

Late last week, McCree’s answer to MJTC’s complaint was made public, and boy is it a doozy. You can read it in full on the following page, but here are some of the more entertaining excerpts:

Meow! If any of the orders you got from McCree’s chambers were sticky, now you know why.

Aww, the only thing McCree has that’s comparable to Ryan Lochte is his rank stupidity.

That was a compliment? Be still my beating heart.

The Detroit Free Press has the details on all of the charges McCree is currently up against:

The commission accused McCree of false report of a felony, improper bench conduct and demeanor and misrepresentations to the commission. [McCree’s attorney, Brian Einhorn] told the Free Press this month that he doesn’t think those allegations will be supported.

McCree has been suspended without pay from his job and could face public censure, suspension or removal from office if he is sanctioned, officials said.

He was previously censured for sending a shirtless photo to a Wayne County Sheriff’s Office employee last year.

We hope McCree will be able to find some applicable Bill Withers lyrics to apply to this situation, but we doubt it. Perhaps it’s best that His Honor stick to futile attempts to bring sexy back to the bench.

Until then, if you’d like to know what’s underneath this judge’s robes, flip to the next page….

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