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Law Revue Video Contest 2013: The Finalists!

You’ve seen the worst of the worst, and now it’s time to feast your eyes upon the best of the best. We thought that the 2013 law revue season was going to be a dud, but these schools totally brought it.

And by “it,” we mean they were able to carry a tune, had excellent comedic timing, and provided us with some pretty drool-worthy student bodies. Our finalists’ videos were a joy to watch when compared to many of the other submissions, some of which were absolutely cringe-worthy.

This year, your reviewers will be David Lat, Elie Mystal, and Staci Zaretsky. But we issue only advisory opinions; you hold all the power in this competition. Do the right thing: vote early, and vote often (unless you’re a bot).

Who will follow the winners of years past into the annals of Law Revue history? It’s up to you….

Videos are listed in alphabetical order by school. Voting will close on WEDNESDAY, MAY 1, at 11:59 PM (Eastern time).

1. Columbia Law School — That’s Why You’ll Make Law Review

ELIE: I’m not a boy band expert, but given that some of the girls from Fashionista ran into our office screaming and probably ovulating when this video came on, I guess these guys held the tune right. And the law jokes were funny. So I won’t actually punch any of these people, even though I’m allowed to under the CRAP BS (Code Regulating Against Proliferation of Boy Band Songs).

LAT: Hey look! It’s the adorkable boy with the amazing voice who starred in last year’s winning video. To be honest, I preferred last year’s video to this one — but this one, with good production values and clever lyrics, grades on to Law Revue.

STACI: These Columbia students sure know how to turn a clever phrase. Entertaining lyrics with even better eye candy. I never thought E&Es were sexy, but then again, Red Sunglasses Boy never offered me a taste of his before now. Props for the excellent usage of one of our caption contest prizes.

2. NYU Law School — Last Thursday Night

ELIE: Usually I’m against too many references to your own school or city, but it works here because you can still follow along even if you’ve never been to all the places. This would be a finalist just because of the inspired reference to Party Law.

LAT: Those artsy NYU kids are frequent finalists in our contest. After missing the cut last year, they return with this solid entry. Good law school jokes and camera work.

STACI: Remember that time you did that thing at bar review? If your answer was no, that means you did it right. This video perfectly encapsulates all that a Thursday night during law school is supposed to be.

3. UCLA School of Law — Don’t Call On Me

ELIE: The singing by both parties was quality. I loved it when the girl went with the glasses, and I loved it when the guy went with the bat. I can’t really tell you what the message was here: hot girl and capable boyfriend go postal until the black William Devasher stops them?

LAT: The lead actress is gorgeous and a great singer — is she a law student, or a ringer recruited from the ranks of aspiring Hollywood starlets? This video has nice energy and humor. Awesome cameo by the security guard.

STACI: This N’Sync song came out more than a decade ago. You couldn’t do anything with Carly Rae Jepsen? Hello, no one thought of “Cold Call Me Maybe”? But it’s okay, the singing here was fabulous — which is great, because when they can’t get real law jobs, they can fall back on their natural talents.

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