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Lawdingo: A Funny Ad For a Serious Business

If you’re going to launch a business with a video, you might as well be funny.

That’s what the good folks at Lawdingo have done with a brilliant, tongue-in-cheek look at legal advice.

If you’ve not heard about Lawdingo, you’re missing out. One reputable source declared it “the way of the future,” and we’re not about to argue with ourselves. Lawdingo lets a prospective client connect with an attorney and get an immediate legal consultation online with an eye toward building an ongoing attorney-client relationship.

It sounds a little dry, but they had fun with it in this ad.

The full ad is after the jump….

Without further ado:

Not one reference to “a dingo ate my baby”?

The Tootsie Roll possession bust is my favorite, though the awkward attorney-client handshake/hug/fist pound is definitely in the running.

All the best to Lawdingo, and if you’re interested in signing up your firm for this service, the process is right here.

Lawdingo [Company Website]

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