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It’s Time You Legally Enforced Your Love for Your Mom

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. That means you still have some time to acknowledge your mother’s existence with a suitable last minute gift. In honor of this important holiday, here’s a note for you (or one that can be passed along to your secretary): flowers and candy are so passé — this year, you should give your mom a present that actually means something, you know, something that she’ll actually care about, not something that will die like she thinks your love for her has after you’ve spent time billing thousands of hours yet only made two calls home.

Why not get your mommie dearest a Momtract? After all, “nothing says love like mutuality of obligation.”

What the hell is a Momtract? Ask no more, sweeties, we’ve got you covered:

Here’s a sample Momtract that’s been tailored to Biglaw life for your perusal (click to enlarge):

Give your mother a gift on her own terms… literally. Give your mother a Momtract. Happy Mother’s Day!

Momtract | America’s Premier Legally Binding Gift [Momtract]

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