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Stress Relief and Finals? Law Schools Are Going to the Dogs!

Finals time is upon us once again, and that means law students are about to reach their breaking points. Perhaps that outline you got in exchange for hooking up with a 3L wasn’t very helpful, or maybe you missed one too many classes to know what the hell’s going to be on the test. Whichever way you slice it, you think you’re going to be screwed.

Luckily, your law school’s administration is well aware of the situation, and to try to alleviate some of the stress, law schools are offering students relief in the form of food, massages, and puppies. These are just some of the perks of an education that costs up to six figures to complete.

Come on, wouldn’t you rather snuggle with a cute and cuddly animal instead of grabbing a handful of your poop and smearing it all over the walls? Let’s see what law schools are doing to prevent their students from losing their sh*t — literally….

Bringing a small bit of joy into the lives of students when they’re barely hanging on is really the least that a law school can do. This trend started with students being able to check out a dog named Monty from the library over at Yale Law School, and eventually it expanded to schools across the country. Some schools, like Cornell, got a little too creative and started offering students the opportunity to interact with fluffy little llamas during finals — who knows, maybe they were trying to prepare their students for the partners that would some day be spitting at them.

Anyway, it’s not just T14 law schools that’ve offered their students a new leash on life during finals. Here are just a few of the law schools that’ve popped up in the news for their finals-time stress-relievers:

  • Texas Tech: Earlier this week, the school hosted a “Finals Fiesta,” complete with free food (fajitas and chips) and free five-minute massages. They’re fattening their students up in the hope of making them be at peace with the grading curves, as well as their own.
  • Louisville Law: Last week, the school hosted therapy dogs for the first time ever, featuring dogs with names like Grendel and Beowulf — because there’s nothing better to relax you than memories of ninth grade English. Too bad Courtney King graduated before this happened.
  • Savannah: Yesterday, the school — a branch of Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School — is hosting therapy dogs in partnership with the SBA. Listen, you’d probably need stress relief too if your school wasn’t accredited by the American Bar Association.
  • Baltimore: The law school has organized a “Stress-Free Zone” this Friday, featuring assistance in canine form. This event even comes with an outline: “I. Show up in the lobby of UB on Friday between 11 and 1. II. Pet a dog. III. Immediately feel calmer. IV. Ace your finals as a result.”

Is your school doing anything special to help you during this stressful time? Let us know in the comments, or better yet, take our poll and let your school know if therapy dogs would be helpful to you.

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