Judge Judy… she’s gangsta. You gotta give her that. That’s a plus.

– a man on the street in response to a question — “What do you think about Obama’s decision to appoint Judge Judy Sheindlin to the Supreme Court?” — posed by a reporter from the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

(Keep reading to see some of the other entertaining answers people gave in response to this question, and to watch the ridiculous clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live.)

As we noted previously, Americans now trust TV judges more than SCOTUS justices, and Judge Judy was the most highly rated of them all. Jimmy Kimmel took advantage of this, and hilarity ensued.

Here’s what others thought when asked the same question about Obama’s faux judicial appointment:

“Well, it’s controversial. And uh, you know, he’s granted that power as the president of the United States, so uh, you know, we’ve just got to the best that we can with what we have.”

“I think it’s a publicity stunt, but I’m not sure why because he’s already got the approval ratings he needs and he’s not up for reelection ever again.”

You can watch the video if you’d like a few reasons not to live on this planet anymore:

America, F**K YEAH!

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