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Ex-Bengals Cheerleader Convicted of Sexual Misconduct Charges to Marry Student Who Brought Her Infamy

You knew this was going to happen eventually.

Sarah Jones — perhaps better known as the modern day Mary Kay Letourneau, but sexier — is now engaged to the student with whom she once had an illicit, illegal relationship, while he was still under the age of consent.

In case you you’ve forgotten about her, Sarah Jones once inspired many a wet dream during her time as high school teacher who moonlighted as a cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals. Her world came crashing down when, a gossip site, alleged that she’d slept with all the players on the Bengals and had STDs. Shortly thereafter, she was indicted for sleeping with a student. Jones sued for defamation, and months after she copped a plea on sexual misconduct charges in her criminal case, the civil case ended in a mistrial.

With all of those loose ends kind of sort of tied up, Jones’s tiger cub apparently decided it was a perfect time to pounce and put a ring on it…

Last week, Sarah Jones made headlines again when she announced her engagement to Cody York, her barely legal paramour. York proposed while on vacation with Jones in Florida, a trip that was approved by her probation officer. Here’s a picture of the happy couple moments after York popped the question:

Jones’s lawyer, Eric Deters, the man who originally reported that his client was working as a paralegal in his office and was interested in going to law school, had this to say about her relationship status:

“I fully support Sarah and Cody,” Deters said. “And if they want to get married and live happily ever after or not, who knows? Nobody ever knows how marriage turns out. I wish them all the best.”

If Jones wins her case against, they’ll live very happily ever after — she’s asking for $11 million in compensatory and punitive damages in her civil suit. With a sum like that, she wouldn’t have to take out a single loan to finance her legal education, much less worry about finding employment after graduation (or about losing a summer job because of her prior conviction of a sex offense).

In fact, she wouldn’t even have to worry about her character and fitness interview, because she’d never have to work as a lawyer. If this were an ideal world, Jones and her still-teenaged fiancé would soon sign a contract for their own reality show on VH1 called “Hot for Teacher.”

We can only pray that even one of the things on this fantasy timeline happens. In reality, the odds are high that this marriage will only last about 4.67 Kardashians, but best of luck to the happy couple!

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