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Learned Hand Recorded a Single?!?

Yeah, O.G. Hipster

Yes, that Learned Hand, and that definition of a single.

That means there’s a 45 out there with Judge Learned Hand’s Greatest Hit. And, of course it’s vinyl, because Learned Hand keeps it (hipster) real like that.

But really, the noted jurist just knew a famous Civil War hymn that folklorists worried would get lost to antiquity if they didn’t force him to lay down a track.

Do we have a copy of Billboard’s #11,8736,984,8474 hit? You’re goddamned right we do!

OK, so it may not be the most perfect song ever written, like Call Me Maybe, but it’s one of the preeminent legal minds of the 20th singing about Ironclads:

So they couldn’t get Frank Sinatra to master the song before they hit record? I’m not saying Judge Hand was bad, but CeeLo was the only judge who turned around. I guess I should say, “the only other judge to turn around.”

As the video notes, the recording was done at the behest of Alan Lomax, the great archivist of folk music. Alan Lomax is also the only reason we have the compiled recordings of Lead Belly, who was thrown in prison repeatedly.

So one guy in prison, one guy sending people to prison. Alan Lomax really covered his bases as a producer.
Judge Learned Hand, American Idol? [Bloomberg Law via YouTube]

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