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Lovely Latham Lawyer Makes Major Marital Mistake

Imagine this: You graduated from a middling law school at the top of your class, and you somehow managed to land a job at a Biglaw firm that’s notorious for laying people off. You’ve kept your job there because you’re incredibly intelligent. You’re an actual law firm 10. In fact, you’re beautiful. You seem to have everything going for you.

There’s just one little problem. It’s your husband. You see, he kind of had sex with an underage girl in your bed — numerous times. But like many of the wives of New York politicians and public figures who “strayed and only thought with the lower half of [their] body,” you’re standing by your man, because… why? Your husband is neither of those things; he’s just a teacher who banged a student.

What the hell is this woman thinking?

Annemarie V. Reilly (née Annemarie V. Tackenberg) is a 2009 magna cum laude graduate of Hofstra University School of Law. She began working at Latham & Watkins shortly thereafter, concentrating her practice as an associate in the firm’s Restructuring, Insolvency & Workouts group. She was just another low-ranked law school success story before her husband, Daniel Reilly, a former middle school teacher in Queens, started putting his penis where it didn’t belong.

This spring, Reilly was charged with second-degree rape, criminal sexual acts, and endangering the welfare of a child, after having a months-long affair with a 13-year-old student in his marital bed. His wife, of course, posted his $30,000 bail, and was reportedly last seen making out with her husband in May before he was whisked off to jail after taking a sweetheart plea deal. Here’s what happened yesterday:

A lawyer for disgraced ex-IS 237 English teacher Daniel Reilly, 36, yesterday said his client might change course and head to trial if he doesn’t get permission to live with his loyal wife and their baby after prison.

Reilly’s gorgeous lawyer wife, Annemarie, showed up in Queens Criminal Court again yesterday to stand by her man — who authorities said had sex with his student at least 10 times in their bed.

When is enough going to be enough, Annemarie? How embarrassing for you. Why on earth would you continue to allow this man to drag you and your good name through the mud?

You worked so hard rise above your law school pedigree to land a Biglaw job, and now you’re going to throw it all away to serve as tabloid fodder due to your husband’s transgressions. You’d think this woman would want to be known as something more than the “gorgeous lawyer wife” of an admitted child-toucher. Yes, we get it, you have a child with this man, but most wouldn’t be so eager to share a bed with a man who will be forever branded as a sexual predator.

Apparently you can take the girl out of Hofstra, but you can’t take the Hofstra out of the girl. A T14 graduate would’ve dumped this fool already. Get with the program, girl. There’s no restructuring or workout to be had in this marriage. It’s time for you to Latham your husband.

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