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Desperate Housewife Not Desperate Enough To Sleep With Attorney

‘Want my cookies?’

[W]hat else would [Edward Bunstine] be wanting to do, having me come to my door naked?

Ashley Holdren, a client who refused to oblige what she perceived to be her lawyer Ed Bunstine’s inappropriate suggestion for an alternative fee arrangement. Bunstine’s license to practice law was suspended for one year, six months stayed, for attempting to solicit sexual activity with a client.

(Keep reading to see some of Bunstine’s more interesting defenses to the ethics charges filed against him by the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel.)

Disciplinary Counsel v. Bunstine

Attorney disciplined for attempted sex solicitation [Chillicothe Gazette]
Lawyer’s request that client meet him at her home naked results in license suspension [ABA Journal]

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