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How To Finance Your Legal Education By Posing In Playboy

Victoria Zdrok

Law school tuition has skyrocketed in recent years, and most people wind up financing their legal education by taking out up to six figures in loans to cover the cost of attendance. But because cuddling up at night next to mountains of debt isn’t a pleasant way to live, some people have found more creative ways to pay their way.

Whether it’s by having very rich and generous parents, keeping a day job and going to law school at night, becoming a sugar baby, or working a part-time job between classes, there are many ways to survive without having to fully rely upon student loans.

If those solutions don’t float your boat, you can just take off your clothes and become a Playboy pin-up….

Meet Victoria Zdrok, a woman who surely qualifies as having beauty and brains. An intellectual phenom, she graduated from college at the age of 18 and enrolled in law school the following year. Zdrok graduated from Villanova Law in 1997 and later earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Drexel in 2003. She’s a member of both the New York and New Jersey bars (although she’s been administratively suspended in New York since 2009 for failure to comply with attorney registration and the associated fees). She’s a best-selling author who speaks five languages.

So how did she come up with all of the cash for her credentials? From her bio on her personal site:

To finance her extensive and expensive academic career, Dr. Zdrok turned to modeling, posing for both men’s and women’s magazines….

To wit, those “men’s magazines” are Playboy and Penthouse. At the beginning of her legal career, Zdrok posed for a spread in Playboy magazine that went national in October 1994. Her courthouse colleagues were certainly excited to add that reading material — just for the articles, right guys? — to their dockets.

After graduating from law school, Zdrok was still hurting for cash to finish up her doctoral degree, so she posed for Penthouse in June 2002, becoming the magazine’s Pet of the Month, and later reigning as the 2004 Penthouse Pet of the Year. At around the same time, she began her illustrious movie career, starring in Academy Award-winning films like Lesbians in Lust, Three’s Cumpany, and Assturbators 2.

These days, Zdrok is living her life as a sexpert, dating coach, and relationship adviser, charging $4.19 per minute for her tips and tricks — which is far more than any phone sex line would charge for hotter and nastier conversations. But in fairness, we suppose Zdrok’s superior legal mind and pornographic jurisprudence entitle her to capture quite the pretty penny for her sexy telephone services.

So, would Zdrok ever go back to law? You’d have to pay her far more than a measly $250 per hour:

You would have to pay me $500 an hour, because the thought of dressing up in a suit and going to court is to me very unpleasant. Although I like the theory of law and its principles, I have grown to dislike the practice of law.

Using your law degree to go to court: unpleasant. Using your law degree to be an assturbator: AMAZING!

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