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It’s Official: Supreme Court Clerkship Bonuses Hit A New High

There hasn’t been much major good news on the associate compensation front over the past few years — since, say, January 2007. But recent weeks have brought pockets of minor good news for limited constituencies. Green shoots, anyone?

In Miami, Greenberg Traurig raised starting salaries by 16 percent, from $125,000 to $145,000. In New York, Sullivan & Cromwell and Skadden Arps started offering $300,000 signing bonuses to Supreme Court clerks.

And now $300K bonuses for SCOTUS clerks have spread, to other law firms in other cities. Consider this the new going rate for top-shelf talent….

Multiple clerks from the October Term 2012 class have received offers of $300,000 signing bonuses, from the following firms:

  • Gibson Dunn
  • Jones Day
  • Munger Tolles
  • Paul Weiss
  • Skadden Arps
  • Sullivan & Cromwell

If you know of any firm that’s missing from this list, email us (subject line: “SCOTUS Clerkship Bonuses”) or text us (646-820-8477), and we will update.

And the new bonus amount has spread beyond the Big Apple. Clerks bound for Washington and San Francisco have received $300K bonus offers too.

Now, $300,000 is a nice round number (as well as a large one). I’m guessing that bonuses for Supreme Court clerks might remain at this level for a year or two before heading higher.

But that’s just a guess. I wouldn’t mind being wrong about this — and I’m sure the OT 2013 and OT 2014 clerks wouldn’t mind my being wrong either.

P.S. We’re still filling out the list of OT 2014 clerks. If you know of a future clerk whose name doesn’t appear on this list, please drop us a line so we can include them in the next round-up. Thanks.

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