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Old Fart Anti-Feminist Lawyer, Formerly Of Cravath, Loses Dubious Bottle Service Discrimination Suit

Women get into bars and clubs for free. Men don’t. This isn’t rocket science. It’s just a way of life.

But one lawyer — one with a particularly prestigious past — has been filing lawsuits alleging gender discrimination and human rights violations, all for want of entry-fee parity at bars and clubs, for at least the last decade. He loses every single time, but that’s not going to stop him from waging his war against feminist club policies any time soon.

And now that he’s a little bit older and a whole lot grayer, he’s added age discrimination to the docket. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks — and you certainly can’t stop an old dog from comparing his trials and tribulations as the resident geriatric dude in the club to rampant racism in the Deep South before desegregation…

Remember Roy Den Hollander? We’ve written about him before. He’s been on quixotic quest for men’s equality in clubs for the better part of the aughts and beyond. He was featured as a “Difference Maker” on the Colbert Report, and perhaps most importantly (for our readers), Hollander was an associate at Cravath for several years in the late eighties, before he went out on his own. Now, he’s best known for being on the losing end of dubious suits against clubs like Copacabana, China Club, and Lotus.

Hollander’s most recent loss was against a club called Amnesia, where he alleged that he was forced to buy a “$350 bottle of watered down vodka” to gain entry, which he claims was just like being forced to “sit[] in the back of the bus,” as if he were an African-American man in Alabama in the 1950s.

Last week, Judge Alexander Hunter dashed Hollander’s dreams once more, ruling that the former Cravathian was not the victim of age and gender discrimination because he had to pay for bottle service to get into the club, while young women were let in for free at the same time. From the ruling:

Roy Den Hollander

Allowing beautiful young women free entry furthers the club’s image because it attracts old farts like Hollander to its doors in the first place. This isn’t a difficult concept to grasp, but in an interview with the New York Daily News, Hollander revealed that he wasn’t exactly thrilled with the judge’s decision:

“There’s no justice for guys in this day and age,” railed Hollander.

Still, the anti-feminist attorney said the ruling did not shock him, given the previous defeats he’s suffered in his lonely struggle against male oppression.

“I was ticked off, but I’ve come to the conclusion that whenever I go into court and I’m fighting feminist ideology or political correctness, I’m going to lose,” he said. “Either I’m a stupid lawyer, or I’m stupid for thinking the court will enforce the rights of guys.”

Notably, although Hollander sued for age discrimination, he refused to disclose his age. Why? This ex-Cravath playa didn’t want the high number to negatively affect his game. He explains his motives:

“If I’m hitting on some young girl at the club – and I won’t be hitting on an older one because they don’t look as good – if she knows how old I am I’m not going to be able to exploit her infinite capacity to delude herself into thinking I’m younger,” he said.

A search of public records revealed he’s 66 years old.

Funny that the same man who claims he suffered age discrimination because he was too old to get into a club discriminates against women who he claims are too old to get into his pants. Roy, here’s a clue: Whether they look good or not, women are going to be more turned off by your name than your age. Banning free drinks for ladies? Advocating cover fees for all? You’ll never get laid in this town again.

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