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What Is This Creepy Law Professor Doing???

Some law professors are cool, some are complete weirdos, and some do creepy things like this:

Paging Dr. Law to the dean’s office…

Last night, someone sent us this picture (originally posted on Reddit), with the explanation that it was taken at a “competitive law school.” This well-dressed man seems to be eavesdropping on the study group inside a room at the law school’s library by pressing a stethoscope against the glass.

At first, we thought it was a student gunning incredibly hard at a T14 law school, but then we found out that this was no gunner at all. In fact, it’s not even that “competitive” of a law school, unless you count the recent graduates who are competing for scarce jobs with their retroactively inflated transcripts.

This is a picture of Professor Hiro Aragaki, who teaches Negotiation at Loyola Law School – Los Angeles. He’s apparently listening in on some group exercises, but we’ve got to wonder what possible academic reason would inspire a professor to observe his students in this unorthodox kind of way.

He didn’t want to distract his students, you say? The only thing more distracting than a creepy law professor pressed up against the window (with a stethoscope, no less) would be coming to the sudden realization that this man is likely being paid six figures to do it.

Assuming there is no better way to accomplish this goal, props to Professor Aragaki for coming up with a unique if unconventional method to observe his class. We reached out to him for an explanation of his academic stylings, and we’ll update this post as soon as we hear back from him.

Otherwise, we’ll be left to believe he’s still clinging to broken dreams of going to med school, and the stethoscope is all he’s got left. Damn you, MCAT. Damn you to hell.

I go to a competitive law school. [WTF / Reddit]

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