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Don’t Even Think About Stealing A Law Student’s Laptop

For law students, nothing is more devastating than something happening to their precious laptops. They are the very tool that allow the future lawyers of America to survive the rigors of law school. A law student’s class notes are priceless, and if anything were to happen to them, it could have disastrous effects. Trust us when we say that you do not want to mess with a law student’s laptop. You could end up having the crap beaten out of you if you do.

We’re pretty sure there’s a special place in hell for anyone who would dare to steal a law student’s laptop, and this week, someone at one of the top law schools in the nation earned a ticket straight to the inferno. You’re probably a disgusting human being if you think it’s alright to steal a law student’s laptop. You deserve to be punched in the face.

So what happens when a fellow law student’s most prized possession in the world is taken away?

This week, Northwestern Law has been plagued by lunch thieves, but when someone’s laptop was stolen (or taken “by mistake,” as the optimistic victim of this crime deluded himself into thinking), it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Here’s the desperate email that went out over the law student listserv:

Dear student,

I know you are reading this email. Someone’s took my laptop by mistake from the library (first floor). All I want my laptop (mac book air 11″) back. This can be anonymous if you want to return it. Seriously, I can’t afford another laptop. It’s a humble request to give my laptop back. All my notes are in there. Please call me and we can arrange a meeting. My cell no is [1-800-WHY-MEEE]. Please try to understand it was a gift from someone. You are a law student so it is not good to take away someone’s laptop without permission. If you want to give my laptop back you can drop it at the library desk or from anywhere…


“You are a law student so it is not good to take away someone’s laptop without permission.” Damn straight. Law students at Northwestern wouldn’t let this act of thievery stand, and email after email began to pour in with offers of assistance. Here are some of the best ones we’ve seen so far:

– Hopefully the person that took your laptop has returned it by now, but if not, give me a heads up when/where you’ll be tomorrow. It might be small but I’d definitely throw in $5 to help you get a new laptop.

– Good for $5 dude. God bless.

– I’d throw in $5 too. Northwestern Difference!

– Absolutely in. Ridiculous that this happened. Let’s take care of each other.

Law students — poor law students, at that — offered to donate money to help buy this poor kid a new laptop. They even started a donation page and have raised almost $300 so far to chip in for a new laptop.

If this is the “Northwestern Difference,” we wish more law schools would get on board. NU Law students, who have a history of lending a helping hand, managed to turn a negative situation into a positive one. You’re keeping hope alive for a student who lost his academic lifeline, and for that, we congratulate you.

If you’re a law student or a lawyer, you know how great a loss this is. Pay it forward. This is your chance to be part of the Above the Law Difference. If you’d like to help this guy get a new laptop, click here.

Help us replace a fellow student’s stolen laptop [YouCaring]

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