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Would-Be Law Student Responds To Rejection Letter As Only A Future Lawyer Can — By Being An Epic Tool

Law school rejection letters have been sent to even the best of us, and most are quick to pick up their bruised egos and call it a day. But there are others out there who are unable to move on with their lives. Their dreams have been crushed, and they want nothing more than to exact revenge against the admissions dean who destroyed their imagined future in the only way they know how: by pointing out the dean’s grammatical and typographical errors in the rejection letter itself, and in other academic works found online.

If you’re wondering what correspondence like that would look like, wonder no more, because we got our hands on it, and boy, is it entertaining…

Here’s the rejection letter our everyman hero received from Janice Austin, assistant dean for admissions at UC Irvine School of Law. It seems harmless enough, but the typos later proved to be deadly:

Here’s the would-be law student’s response. With his research skills, it seems he’d make a perfect lawyer:

“Perhaps these errors are an extended metaphor for the challenges you speak of.” Low blow, dude. And by the way, those typos are still online. You might want to get that fixed, Dean Austin. This is just terrible:

Dean Austin responded to this future gunner via email. The 0L made some handwritten notes for us:

Fail indeed. We have only this to say to you, rejected rock star, as we wish you luck on your journeys:

(hidden for your protection)

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