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Would You Have Sex With This Law Student, Between Classes?

I think this is a hoax. Or maybe I just hope this is a hoax. Maybe I need to believe that there aren’t real law students out there posting on Craigslist looking for girls who want to have sex with them, quickly, in the time between one class and another.

I also instinctively believe that Craigslist posts from law students who reference the length of circumference of their penises aren’t real. Basically, Brian Zulberti is a goddamn unicorn to me. I don’t believe he exists.

Of course, I could be wrong…

The Craigslist post has been taken down, but thanks to the magic of Cntrl-PrntScr we can bring it to you in its original glory (with a tasteful redaction; click to enlarge):

The tipster who sent this in reports:

I’ve never met this kid, but was able to find him in [the campus photo ID] directory and know that he does go to Marquette Law School. Maybe this could serve as a warning to other 1Ls (and everyone in general) that this sort of public horn-doggery is ill advised?

Yeah, I blacked out the guy’s face because, come on. There’s not really a Marquette Law student running around on Craigslist talking about his circumcision, is there? I mean, a Case Western law student, sure, but not Marquette.

UPDATE (9 p.m.): The student depicted in the ad has contacted us to say that the ad itself is a hoax, but someone grabbed an actual photo from his Facebook account to include in the ad.

(hidden for your protection)

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