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Bow Before New York’s Sexiest Biglaw Firm

When we talk about the Biglaw firms with the most good-looking attorneys, the conversation usually ends pretty quickly. Only one firm is known to hoard hotties like they’re going out of style, but word on the street is that another firm may be looking to dethrone the sovereign of sexiness.

Move over, Davis Polk, because you’ve got some competition….

According to the New York Post, based on an incredibly scientific study performed by a social dating app called Hinge, there’s only one law firm in New York that’s home to hotties, and it wasn’t the usual suspect, Davis Polk. Which one has displaced DPW in its ability to bring brains and beauty to court?

It’s none other than Paul Weiss. The firm’s men came in at number 7 on Hinge’s list of the Big Apple businesses with the most attractive employees. Show us your briefs, gentlemen, because we’d obviously love to see them. Here’s additional information:

“The inquiry at the heart of these findings is whether attractive people are more likely to be hired by these companies — or that by working at these companies, people become more attractive to others,” a representative for the company said.

“We think it’s a mixture of both.”

That said, we think it’s now pretty easy to see why Paul Weiss employs some of the happiest and “most satisfied” men in Biglaw. With their incredibly good looks, they’re probably getting satisfied every night.

Here’s just a small sample of the talent you’ll be able to find at the Paul Weiss New York office (six favorites of mine, selected after reviewing 41 pages of profiles):

Congratulations on making excellent use of that laser hair removal discount, you handsome chaps.

Davis Polk, it’s time for you to put up or shut up. If you’ve got men who are hotter than the ones we found at Paul Weiss, you better make them known to us, lest you lose the rights to the “Men of Biglaw” calendar.

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