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Judge Offers ‘Laughable’ Criminal Defense To Choking Charges

Judge Carlos Cortez

The allegations made by the complainant are false. If necessary, it will be shown in the proper forum that Judge Cortez actually saved her life. Judge Cortez will continue to serve the State of Texas and Dallas County like he has for the last seven years – as an award winning jurist who handles his court with courtesy and dignity to all who seek Justice.

Andrew Korn, attorney for Judge Carlos Cortez, in a statement given to media outlets in defense of his client. Cortez was arrested and stands accused of strangling his girlfriend and threatening to “f**king kill [her]” during a domestic violence incident in his home.

(Keep reading to see the juicy police report and the judge’s allegations.)

Before we get to that, here’s a statement that Ted Steinke, the attorney representing Cortez’s girlfriend, released to the local news after catching wind of what he refers to as the judge’s “laughable” defense:

“My client is cooperating fully with the authorities, and because we have faith in the system, we are willing to let the legal process take its course. For that reason, she will make no public statement at this time,” he wrote. “However, regarding his attorney’s laughable assertion that the Judge actually saved the victim’s life by choking her, it’s my experience that the police don’t usually arrest heroes.”

Yesterday, Cortez filed a motion to contest his arrest, claiming that he was trying to intervene in a suicide attempt. He alleges that his girlfriend mixed painkillers and alcohol and was trying to kill herself by jumping from his balcony. Strangulation: the best way to keep someone alive?

Here’s the police report, courtesy of the Barking Dogs blog. These are just allegations, of course — but if true, they make Cortez’s story seem… not all that plausible:

Judge Carlos Cortez: Police Report

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the tall tales judges tell to get out of criminal charges?

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