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Caption Contest Winner: The Courtroom Selfie, Caught On Camera

Last week, we asked readers to submit possible captions for this picture:

On Friday, you voted on the finalists, and now it’s time to announce the winner of our contest…

As is customary with our caption contests, we’ll now reveal the backstory behind the picture. A week or two ago, this poor soul showed up early for an oral argument, but had no idea the webcams were already running. A tipster tells us he “spent like a minute trying to get the perfect selfie — with flash, without, adjusting his tie, changing the angle. His selfie diligence was impressive! It was quite amusing!” Alas, his quest to capture the perfect courtroom selfie was all for naught — he didn’t say a word during the hearing, which you can see here if you’re interested. If you know him, you can tell him he’s internet famous.

You can thank the advent of cameras in the courtroom for the winner of our latest caption contest:

Cooley grad preparing for his in camera hearing.

Thanks to everyone for suggesting comments and for voting. If you wrote the winning caption, feel free to email us, subject line “Caption Contest Winner,” to claim your prize (an Above the Law t-shirt).

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Caption Contest: The Courtroom Selfie, Caught On Camera

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