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Former Law Dean Arrested On Prostitution-Related Charge

Illinois Law has been going down ever since its inflated admissions data first came to light in 2011, and it hasn’t been pretty. The school put forth the “lone gunman theory of admissions fraud,” and Paul Pless, its former assistant dean for admissions and financial aid, was put on administrative leave, before he quietly resigned from his position. Not only did the school drop 24 spots in the U.S. News rankings, but it also got a costly spanking from the American Bar Association.

What’s happened to Paul Pless since then? Today’s news serves to remind us that some law school administrators love to screw — sometimes with numbers, and sometimes with hookers…

Several tipsters notified us about these allegations involving Paul Pless’s possible pleasures:

Paul Pless

On December 30, 2013, members of the Bloomington Police Department’s Street Crimes Division arrested four males in connection with a prostitution sting. The arrests all occurred at a local hotel in Bloomington. …

Paul Pless, 41, of Dewey was arrested for Solicitation of a Sexual Act (720 ILCS 5/11-14.1).

The Bloomington Police Department utilizes various websites and other investigative techniques to disrupt and deter prostitution activity in the City of Bloomington.

Pless [was] booked in at the McLean County Jail.

We wonder if Pless “knowingly and intentionally” attempted to cram everything he could into a prostitute — like he allegedly did with Illinois Law’s admissions stats. Given his apparent obsession with rankings-driven prestige, we’re surprised by these allegations — patronizing prostitutes isn’t exactly a peer activity.

But then again, Pless isn’t the first law school administrator to have been accused of such a crime. Mark Sargent, Villanova Law’s former dean, was implicated in a hooker hullaballoo back in 2009. Even law professors have allegedly been drawn in by the allure of ladies of the night. In 2007 and again in 2011, Professor D. Marvin Jones of Miami Law faced charges relating to the procurement of prostitutes.

We wish Paul Pless better luck fighting these charges than he had at Illinois Law. Let us take pity upon him; the poor man wasn’t even able to add Reema Bajaj as a notch on his bedpost.

Prostitution Sting: Four Men Arrested [City of Bloomington – Illinois]

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