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Law Students ‘Party’ Hard, Win Drinking Competition

Wooooo, law school!

For some people, law school is like College 2.0. They figure that if they have to spend three years hunkering down and learning law, they should at least be using all of their free time to hone their drinking skills to perfection. Why not, right?

As we know, law students of every stripe — from those hailing from “rank not published” institutions to those covered entirely in Ivy — are competitive as hell. If they’re going to be drinking a lot, they might as well try to turn that hobby into a sport.

It turns out that one law school’s students are so good at drinking that they just won a nationwide competition. Which T14 law school are we talking about? You might be surprised….

Let’s pause here for a moment. We hope you didn’t think we meant these law students won a prize for slinging back whole bottles of whiskey. We’d like to think elite law students are more dignified than that.

Here’s what really happened: A group of students from Yale Law School, specifically the members of the Yale Law School Wine Society, just blew all of the competition out of the water at the Left Bank Bordeaux Cup, the U.S. Intercollegiate Bordeaux tasting championship. These Yalies beat the pants off fellow law school competitors from Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, UChicago and UPenn, “by a wide margin.”

Here’s some additional info about the competition from the Cross Campus blog of the Yale Daily News:

[A] team representing the Yale Law School Wine Society — founded in 2012 by Tyce Walters ’09 LAW ’13 — took first place in the U.S. Intercollegiate Bordeaux tasting championship held Tuesday at the French Consulate in New York City. After enduring a series of wine-related trivia questions and blind tastings, the team will travel to Château Lafite Rothschild in Bordeaux, France this June (all expenses paid!) to compete against other collegiate teams from the U.K., France and China. But more importantly, the team proved that when it comes to wine, nobody messes with Yale.

It probably helped that Walters was a wine editor and writer before attending law school. Another team member, Daniel Weisfield, had this to say of their fearless leader in Yale’s Weekend blog:

We are the Mighty Ducks of wine. We were a scrappy band of ragamuffins under the leadership of one connoisseur, Tyce. He plucked us from the halls of Yale Law School and taught us everything we know about wine.

We certainly hope that the Mighty Ducks will be able to succeed in the final tasting this summer in France. Sure, it’s at the end of June and some of them have the bar exam to take in July, but that’s really just a trifling matter — come on, they’re from the number one school in the nation. In the words of one Yale wine champion: “There’s no way we’d let law school interfere with our wine tasting.”

Good luck, and go forth and gossip about this on The Wall.

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