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Associate Bonus Watch: Bingham McCutchen

Congratulations to the 10 new partners at Bingham McCutchen. They’re a diverse group, coming from a wide range of practice areas and six different offices. The gender balance could be better — only two of the new partners are women — but on the bright side, the group includes two former Supreme Court clerks.

And congratulations to Bingham McCutchen associates on their bonuses, which the firm announced yesterday. How are they looking?

Pretty much the same as last year. The full Bingham bonus memo, from firm administrative partner Debra Fischer, appears on the next page. It’s almost identical to last year’s memo.

This shouldn’t come as any surprise. Bingham bases its bonus scheme on the market-setting Cravath scale, which it then supplements with “extraordinary” bonuses for high billers. Since Cravath in 2013 used the same bonus scale it used in 2012, it makes sense that Bingham followed suit.

And bonuses remaining constant is, all things considered, good news. Yesterday we brought you two Biglaw layoff stories, one involving significant lawyer layoffs at a major firm. So if you can keep your job and get a bonus, consider yourself lucky.

Flip to the next page for the full Bingham bonus memo, which also includes the 2014 base salary scale (no surprises there either). If you have unreported bonus news to share with us, please email us or text us (646-820-8477). Thanks.

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