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Judge Fired After Sunbathing Nude In Her Chambers

Another day, another naked judge. Apparently when you reach the height of your legal career, you completely lose your inhibitions. Today, we’ve got news on a judge who was fired from her position on a high court for her inappropriate behavior.

No, she wasn’t seen in pornographic pictures online, like Madam Justice A. Lori Douglas. It was much more innocent than that — she was exercising and sunbathing naked in her chambers, which happened to be flanked by windows.

As they say online, this thread is worthless without pics. Well, we’ve got one (and it’s safe for work)…

Last summer, E.B., a female judge on the Federation Supreme Court in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was caught working out in the nude in chambers before starting her day in court. Onlookers in the building across the street and passersby were able to apply some strict scrutiny to the treasures that were found underneath the robes of Lady Justice. News of a disciplinary action filed against the judge was recently leaked to the press, and along with the story, a picture of her lazily taking in the sun on her desk:

Judge E.B. was fired for “damaging the reputation of the judiciary institution.” The Daily Mail found a report on the disciplinary sanctions, which notes E.B.’s “behaviour as a senior judge was not acceptable.”

Screw the consideration. Would you be willing to enter into a nudum pactum with this jurist?

Young female Bosnian judge fired after she was photographed sunbathing naked on her desk by council worker in building opposite [Daily Mail]
Bosnia Press Review – February 4, 2014 [Balkan Insight]

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