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Easiest Way To Get Caught Plagiarizing? Forget You’re White!

I’m not sure whether or not this adds to the debate over affirmative action programs in schools, but in a truly stunning display, a student turned in a constitutional law paper on the Reconstruction Amendments with a small aside about her personal struggle with discrimination as a black woman.

Except she’s white.

Maybe she’s laying groundwork early to get on a law review somewhere other than Chicago?

This is why you have to carefully edit whatever you plagiarize. Great find by Legal Cheek:

Speaking of careful editing, spelling could have stood a check too. The complete, ungraded passage is here:

This certainly looks like a case of plagiarism. Though the student taking credit for the gaffe on Twitter is playing it off as some sort of higher level, Andy Kaufman stunt:

Not to further stereotypes in a discussion of discrimination, but her handle — @kateisblonde — probably tells us all we need to know.

‘Plagiarised’ law essay goes viral [Legal Cheek]

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