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Law Firm Or Massage Parlor?

No, this isn’t another Reema Bajaj story, though she might have benefitted from this law firm’s marketing strategy. There’s a fine line between selecting a catchy firm image and becoming fodder for this site’s mockery. This firm is dancing on that line.

On the other hand, you’ll never forget this lawyer’s web address…

Take a look at “” It’s amazing that URL hadn’t been snapped up by some up-and-coming escort service. Instead, it’s the domain and tagline of Eric P. Berman, a solo practitioner in Baltimore.

Other than the prominent reference to hand jobs, the Berman firm looks like a perfectly normal practice. And sure “getting someone off” is a common colloquialism in the legal community, but you have to be cognizant of possible double entendres. Don’t forfeit your professional gravitas. It’s not like a prestigious law firm would call itself the Motherf**kers or something.

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