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Angry Mob Takes To Twitter To Scream At SCOTUSBlog For Hobby Lobby Decision

Please go f@ck yourself and die, SCOTUSblog.

Hey, guys, do you remember that time a partner from Reed Smith thought SCOTUSblog’s Twitter feed was an official Twitter feed of the U.S. Supreme Court? That was so much fun. We always enjoy it when the words “go f@ck yourself and die” come from a Biglaw partner’s mouth — or keyboard, as it were.

This time around, everyone and their mother and their dog mistook the SCOTUSblog Twitter feed for an official Twitter feed of the U.S. Supreme Court in the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision. Members of the public were enraged, and took to the social media platform to shake their virtual fists in anger in tweets directed at SCOTUSblog.

Whoever is in charge of the SCOTUSblog account responded with the second language that is innate to all lawyers: sarcasm. The result was absolutely fabulous…

Here’s a collection of tweets from the angry mob who couldn’t be bothered to read SCOTUSblog’s Twitter bio, and the account manager’s responses. Given the awesomely acidic responses, we think Tom Goldstein, the author of the most epic response to a porn star threatening to sue, was behind it all:

Rather than realizing what was happening, people assumed the justices were being obnoxious:

We’re still trying to wrap our minds around how this even occurred. For more of this insanity, check out the SCOTUSblog feed, and ponder how our nation will be able to survive with these people living in it.

Outraged Twitter Mob Blames SCOTUSblog for Hobby Lobby Ruling [Gawker]

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