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For When You Absolutely, Positively Need A Violent Sociopath To Represent You

Remember when that law professor declared herself a sociopath? She went off on how the law generally, and trial law specifically, was a sociopath’s dream. Elie was quick to question whether or not pitch warfare was really a sociopath’s dream and trial law a mere waste of talents.

And then in The Wisdom of Psychopaths (affiliate link), we learned there are more psychopaths among lawyers than any job description other than CEO.

So it was only a matter of time before a lawyer started trading on that reputation….

Here’s an ad from Westword for the law firm of Thomas “Doc” Miller. How does a lawyer get nicknamed “Doc” anyway? According to his bio, his dad was a doctor, which sets the table for a whole lot of disappointed dad narratives. It turns out though the name stems from his resemblance to his uncle, which is less exciting.

Edward Hyde is an almost mindless, depraved brute. He’s the one who capitalized “Helps.”

But he’s also violent psychopathology distilled. In that respect, the ad is very effective — you know what you’re getting if you hire Doc, namely an amiable man who will go psycho on the other side.

You’re also getting a pretty interesting guy based on his bio. Before law school, he was private investigator and a journalist. He ran as a Republican for the state house. Doc is also a published poet. Here’s a sample from Living With Witches, published by the Colorado Bar Association:

I’d stopped for a while
and reconciled with my lovely wife.
But, she grew shrewish once more
and my children badgered me for money, threatening me with rubber knives

Sounds like a happy home. Piling on to his eclectic accomplishments, he was also a handwriting expert in the JonBenet Ramsey case. In fact, it was Miller’s opinion that fingered Patsy Ramsey as the author of the ransom note. He even turned his work on that case into a book.

On the other hand, that book claims “JonBenet Ramsey” as a co-author.

So… that’s weird.

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