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Everyone Needs To Watch This Insane And Awesome Lawyer Ad

It’s not every day that a lawyer ad features a caber toss by the attorney. But then again, it’s not everyday you find this kind of lawyer. A Scottish gent who worked for an Australian law firm and practiced in New York before pulling up stakes and moving to Austin, Texas, to start his own firm.

And he has fun with the expectations of firm advertising. For a split second, the ad opens with the dreaded “guy in suit in front of books” before pulling the rug out from under us and taking the audience on a madcap journey of every bit of awesomeness that happens to him while he tries to get through Ronald Dworkin’s Law’s Empire (affiliate link).

Caber toss? Check. Rubik’s Cubes? Check. Bicycle kick goals? Damn right….

Pete Reid has made an ad for the ages. If Jamie Casino conceived of his magnum opus as, “What if Enter Sandman was about law firms?” then Pete Reid thought, “What if Wes Anderson made a legal ad?”

Spot-on pastiche. Pete Reid is basically the young Royal Tenenbaum. I’m not sure what kind of case finds the jury persuaded by a full-throated critique of legal positivism, but maybe that’s just how damn good Pete Reid is.

Double points for using local Austin band The Ugly Beats (I’m the One, off Bring On The Beats! (affiliate link)) for the soundtrack.

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