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Federal Judge Accused Of Beating His Wife Allegedly Has Sleazy History With Women

Judge Mark Fuller

Earlier this week, we brought our readers the sordid tale of Judge Mark fuller, a federal jurist facing allegations of domestic violence brought by his wife, Kelli Fuller. The good judge is also accused of having an affair with one of his law clerks, according to details from the police report that was viewed by the Associated Press.

Today, we’ve got some additional details about Judge Fuller’s history as an alleged lawyerly Lothario, as well as some updates in the case against him, including the transcript of the 911 call made by his wife during the course of the alleged assault…

Judge Fuller has been accused of participating in marital infidelities with someone he works with, and by all accounts, this does not seem to be Judge Fuller’s first time at the rodeo when it comes to allowing law clerks and other staff to bang his gavel. His current wife, Kelli, was once his courtroom deputy, known as Kelli Gregg at the time. Recall that Kelli’s son, Hunter Gregg, was on scene during the alleged altercation, and told police that it was “not the first time an incident like this had occurred.”

Judge Fuller’s marriage to his ex-wife, Lisa Boyd Fuller, was allegedly rife with troubles, ranging from adultery to abuse to addiction. His alleged affair with his then-deputy may have contributed to his divorce from his former wife; check out the Request for Admissions that was filed during the course of the divorce, posted on the next page. (Judge Fuller requested that the records be sealed shortly after the shocking document was made public.)

As to the night of Judge Fuller’s most recent alleged domestic violence incident, the Associated Press was able to obtain audio from the 911 call made by his wife. Here’s a partial transcript from the call:

“He’s beating on me. Please help me,” the woman tells the 911 dispatcher before saying that she needed paramedics. …

About a minute into the call, as the initial dispatcher patches an ambulance dispatcher into the call, the woman identified as Kelli Fuller, 41, can be heard saying ‘I hate you, I hate you.” A male voice responds: “I hate you too” followed by dull noises in the background.

The woman’s voice can be heard loudly repeating: “Help me, please. Please help me. He’s beating on me.”

The initial dispatcher tells the ambulance dispatcher: “She says that she’s in a domestic fight and I can hear him hitting her now.”

This is absolutely disgusting behavior for a federal judge, if the allegations turn out to be true. Not surprisingly, the Eleventh Circuit has stepped in to reassign all of his pending cases while he deals with his new criminal charges. Here’s an announcement that was posted on the appellate court’s website:

Effective immediately, all legal matters filed with the United States District Court for the Middle District of Alabama that are pending before Judge Fuller will be reassigned to other judges in accordance with standard procedures for the assignment of cases. No new legal matters will be assigned to Judge Fuller until further notice.

Lastly, it recently came to light that if Judge Fuller attempts to have any contact with his wife, he’ll be charged with felony aggravated stalking. Here’s video coverage, showing Judge Fuller in jail garb:

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Considering all of the accusations, we think we’ve seen what may be underneath this judge’s robes, and it strikes us as pretty vile. We’d advise that he retire before he brings further shame to the judiciary.

(The Request for Admissions in Judge Fuller’s 2012 divorce is available on the next page.)

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