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How To Keep Yourself From Losing Your Mind While Studying For The Bar Exam

Now that the July 2014 administration of the bar exam is in the books, everyone can commiserate over the mental anguish they went through while cramming hundreds upon hundreds of pages of otherwise useless legal knowledge into their brains.

When it came to the bar exam, you weren’t studying. As it turns out, you were stuDYING. Given how tedious the entire process was, it must’ve sometimes been difficult to stay sane.

This girl found a way to keep herself from losing her mind — barely — and we’re going to show you how…

Thanks to the wonders of Snapchat, this girl was able to channel her bar exam rage into works of art:

These are Snapchat doodles of each Texas BARBRI professor taken and drawn over the summer as the [videos] lingered on. Each cartoon/movie reference is to a cartoon or movie that is dear to most Bar takers’ hearts. I drew them during the 10 minute breaks that Barbri gives during each video. It’s the only way I could get excited about watching the next damn BARBRI video…

Her Snapchat doodles are reminiscent of someone raised on a steady stream of Nickelodeon:

Well, at least you know we weren’t kidding when we said she barely kept herself from losing her mind.

Flip to the next page to see the rest of this girl’s bar prep drawings. We promise a smile and a few laughs.

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