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bush kerry ev map.JPGAs some of you might have heard, there is an election happening tomorrow; a Presidential one, so we’ve been told.

Ever since Bush v. Gore, elections have become a potential legal matter as much as anything. Tomorrow, we’ll be bringing you updates on the various electoral shenanigans as they happen. Check out some of the latest opportunities for post-election litigation at Rick Hasen’s Election Law Blog.

If it is close, we could end up in court for weeks. Georgetown University Law Center has already contemplated the disaster.

But, during this brief calm before the biggest gambling event of the fall, we offer you a little game: Beat the ATL Editors, Election Edition. Win the (anonymous) respect of your peers by out predicting the ATL brain trust.

There are polling numbers that indicate that as many as 11 states are “in play” heading into Tuesday: PA, VA, NC, FL, OH, IN, MO, ND, MT, CO, and NV.

Vegas has set the over-under at 325 Electoral Votes for Barack Obama.

Off of that line, I’m taking the under.

I’ve got Obama coming out of this with 324 EVs. Of the 11 in play, I see Obama picking up: PA, VA, FL, IN, and CO.

I’ll believe that the Bradley-effect doesn’t exist the minute it stops existing. Obama dropped ten points in a day in the New Hampshire primary. Why? Because Hillary cried and “found her voice?” Sure. “Call me” when Harold Ford Jr. wins that Senate race in Tennessee.

Kash and Lat weigh in after the jump.

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Obama Palin dance off.JPG* The professional dress code for well endowed women. [Corporette]

* Law students are more prone to cheating? Maybe so, but they are also more prone to getting out of it with clever arguments. [Legal Blog Watch]

* I love the ponies too. [WSJ Law Blog]

* Commenter #33, come on down and claim your prize. [ABA Journal]

* Time for an election review. I mean a Blawg Review. I mean a Blawg Review of elections. Oh, well, you get the point. (Hat tip: Guy Kawasaki for posting the picture above to twitter.) [The Faculty Lounge via Blawg Review]

Bryan Cave LLP logo AboveTheLaw Above the Law blog.jpgThe spin that Powell Goldstein chairman James McAlpin always wanted was finally released in today’s Fulton County Daily Report (subscription). The official announcement blurs the lines between a “merger” between Bryan Cave and PoGo and an acquisition of PoGo by Bryan Cave, but the report is largely positive:

“This is a transformational event for us,” said Powell Goldstein’s chairman, James J. McAlpin Jr. “It propels us into a different league.”

PoGo gives up its name in the deal and cedes leadership to the St. Louis firm. (The firm will be Bryan Cave-Powell Goldstein for two years in Atlanta and simply Bryan Cave elsewhere.) In return, PoGo’s lawyers gain an international and national platform that expands the depth and breadth of their practice groups–increasing the firm’s resources in areas such as intellectual property and broadening its core areas of banking, finance, real estate and litigation.

Getting swallowed up by a much larger firm and losing a 100-year old name certainly has all the bells and whistles of an acquisition, but partners on both sides characterize the deal as a “combination.”

Some Bryan Cave partners, like their partners-to-be from PoGo, prefer to characterize the deal as a combination, not an acquisition–even though their firm will absorb the smaller one.

“It’s a combination, not a slash-and-burn acquisition,” said Kenneth L. Henderson, the Bryan Cave partner who’s overseeing the integration. Henderson was a member of the 170-lawyer New York firm Robinson Silverman, Pearce, Aronsohn & Berman that Bryan Cave acquired six years ago in its last major acquisition.

Whatever it’s called, PoGo associates really only care about their future job security. More on that after the jump.

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West Virginia college of law logo.JPGThe Environmental Law Society at West Virginia University College of Law is collecting items to donate to the poor. It has gotten a pretty good response, despite fostering socialist ideals of wealth redistribution in the heart of Appalachia.

A school-wide email let students know that the food drive was being extended:

The Environmental Law Society Donation Drive for MUSHROOM has been extended until Friday, November 7 at NOON. Please bring in individual snacks (e.g. crackers, pretzels, etc.), peanut butter, jelly, water bottles, socks, regular and long underwear, hand warmers, hats, scarves, and gloves. All donations go to help Morgantown’s homeless population.

Yay charity!

But apparently some WVU students appropriated the charitable contributions unto themselves:

Because items from the box in the student lounge were being consumed, the DONATION BOX has MOVED to the MAIN OFFICE. Please help make this effort a success by donating.

Wow. Were some students worried that the donations meant for Morgantown would end up in Ann Arbor? Maybe some of the kids were just conscientious objectors to the very concept of charitable giving?

Or maybe some of the students were just completely unreliable assholes?

Earlier: A Progressive System of Lunch Redistribution Comes to Pennsylvania

The Voracious Wolverine

Bar birds.JPGNew Jersey released results for the July 2008 bar exam. A tipster tells us that Massachusetts has done the same.

Congratulations to all who have earned the right to practice in this growing and lucrative depressingly anxious profession.

For those who missed the cut, just remember that it took JFK Jr. 3 tries before he passed the bar. And he was a pretty smart guy.

Share your stories in the comments.

Earlier: Prior ATL coverage of Bar Exams.

McKee Nelson Logo.jpgToday’s firm-wide meeting at McKee Nelson did not yield good news. A statement from the firm reveals the extent of the bloodletting:

This morning, McKee Nelson LLP laid off 17 of its corporate/finance associates, reducing this practice from 94 to 77 attorneys. The layoffs are concentrated in the MBS, ABS and CDO parts of our capital markets practice.

Our firm also laid off 15 administrative staff. All of the affected attorneys and staff members are in good standing at the firm. None of these layoffs are performance based.

At least the firm was honest about the reason for the layoffs. No stealth layoff / performance review rhetoric from the firm partners:

For the past 16 months, the partners of this firm have been committed to bearing the costs of the overcapacity in our structured finance group in order to keep our team intact. The devastation that befell the credit markets in September, however, was unprecedented. We have analyzed and created a projection of what we believe the structured finance business will look like over the next two years and what resources, capabilities and experience will be required to do that work. This layoff is a necessary part of the firm’s adjustment to this new reality.

More details after the jump.

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Sue for Women in Litigation.jpgBack in August, we reported that a magazine for female litigators was in the works. They were in the naming phase at the time, and we tried to help them out by surveying you about the worst of their proposed names, including such gems as “Chill,” “Woman Litigator,” and “Spirit, The Magazine for Women in e-Discovery.” Almost half of the voters chose “Trial Mama” as the worst of the worst.

Well, in that post, we asked you all to suggest better titles. And it seems the magazine mavens were listening. They have embraced the suggestion proffered by commentator #33 on that thread, and named the magazine “Sue, For Women In Litigation.”

Kudos to us for calling them out on terrible title ideas and kudos to you, anonymous ATL reader, for naming a new magazine. It launches January 2009, and will be published bimonthly. The magazine promises “stories of remarkable individuals along with expert advice, cutting-edge data and emerging trends to help readers gain more recognition, more equity and opportunity in the legal workplace.”

The mission of “Sue” after the jump.

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McKee Nelson Logo.jpgIs something going down at McKee Nelson today? A tipster reports that there is a surprise, all-attorney video conference scheduled for 1:30 today.

Managing partner William Nelson announced the meeting succinctly via firm-wide email this morning:

There will be an all attorney meeting at 1:30PM.

Recently, these mystery meetings have been held to release good news. In September, Covington & Burling held a surprise meeting to announce the acquisition of Heller Ehrman’s IP department (admittedly, that was not good news for Heller Ehrman). Last month, Jenner & Block held one to reassure associates (shortly before a number of partners were let go).

Okay… so these meetings aren’t always “good news,” but they have been “good spin.”

What does the future hold for McKee Nelson? Well, one of their biggest clients is JPMorgan Chase, one of the only banks left standing. Things can’t be too bad, right?

We’ll let you know where the chips fall.

Update (2:15): McKee Nelson confirmed that they laid off 17 associates and 15 staffers today. Read additional coverage here.

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Musical Chairs: Covington & Burling Snaps Up Heller’s IP Department

Layoff Update: Jenner & Block

pink gavel gay lesbian bisexual transgender lawyer attorney.jpgThis is the second and final post about the panel discussion featuring out lawyers that we attended last week. The first installment was published over the weekend.

The panel was moderated by litigatrix Lisa Linsky, a partner a McDermott Will & Emery. She was joined by Michael Colosi, general counsel for Kenneth Cole; Phylliss Delgreco, associate general counsel and senior vice president at Citigroup; and Roberta Kaplan, a litigation partner at Paul Weiss.

(Linsky, by the way, was recently interviewed by BBLP about her work on LGBT issues at McDermott. See here and here.)

Read about the discussion — which covered such issues as whether it’s easier to be out when you’re in-house rather than at a law firm, how to deal with homophobic clients, and how to figure out which workplaces are LGBT-friendly (aside from discussing the subject in ATL comments) — after the jump.

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funny-pictures-surprise-chicken-is-a-little-early.jpgOver the weekend, millions of Americans reset their clocks to mark the end of Daylight Saving Time. And millions of other Americans forgot to change their clocks, and showed up to brunch an hour early.

But sometimes, early is a good thing. In today’s ATL / Lateral Link survey, we investigate another time of change: the day your firm adjusts salaries.

At most firms, the new class of associates arrived in September or October. Some firms adjusted all of their associates’ seniority and salaries when the new first-years arrived. Most, however, will wait to adjust salaries, if not billing rates, until January 1.

At New York market rates, this means early raisers are actually paying associates $2,500 to $6,250 more in base salary this year than the rest of the market. (A third-year associate at a September raiser — now a fourth year — could actually make $8,333 more.)

So, does your firm observe Salary Saving Time, or have they already set your pay stubs forward?

Update: This survey is now closed. Click here for the results.

Justin Bernold is a Director at Lateral Link, the sponsor of this Associate Life Survey.

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Happy Time at DLA Piper

DLA Piper logo Above the Law blog.jpgLast week, we reported that DLA Piper was canceling their Chicago holiday party and laying off a number of staffers. As we’ve seen from many other firms, when times are tough and morale is low — it’s time for a “Yay Us” firm-wide email:

We wanted to share with you some thoughts we recently provided the partners about the impact of the current market difficulties on the Firm, this year and beyond. The short answer is that the Firm is strong and well positioned and that we are confident about its future. That said, we thought it would be helpful to give you our assessment of the current economic situation and how we need to and are responding to it.

You wonder how the 15 staffers who were laid off feel about the firm’s future? But we must applaud firms who talk straight with associates. Unlike the message from Chadbourne & Parke, DLA Piper didn’t bury a stealth hiring freeze in their letter.

As far as our strategy is concerned, we continue to believe that we are well positioned, and better positioned than most. … That said, the days of business as usual are over. We must work harder than ever to control expenses and we must be aggressive in the identification and pursuit of new business opportunities created by recent developments. In many respects we have already made significant progress, but there is much more to do and each of you should be thinking about the clients with whom you have relationships who would benefit from our help in these areas.

As many of you know, DLA Piper is a behemoth of a law firm. They claim 3,700 lawyers worldwide. That sounds like a lot of mouths to feed. But with over 1,000 partners, perhaps their size is a strength?

In any event, one of the biggest law firms in the world is telling their army of associates that everything is going to be alright.

Read the full memo after the jump.

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bug shivers ewww.jpg* Readers who plan to become ambulance chasers might want to read this. The Supreme Court hears arguments today in a case involving the FDA. “At issue is whether the federal government can limit lawsuits by consumers…who have been harmed by prescription medications.” [NPR]

* UBS clients issued claims over “100 percent principal protected notes” that are now almost worthless. [

* Virgin Atlantic fired 13 members of the cabin crew for making fun of passengers on Facebook and complaining about cockroaches on aircrafts. [Sky News]

* The Supreme Court hears a case that “could determine how tribes recognized after the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act are allowed to buy, give and use land.” [Associated Press]

* Three years after the mysterious murder of D.C. attorney Robert Wone, police release disturbing details alleging a cover-up by Wone’s roommates. [Washington Post]

* R.I.P. Studs Terkel Esq. [Ideoblog]

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