Eat Mor Chikin', Your Honor?

Fast Food, State Judges

Disgraced Former Judge Now Working At Chick-fil-A

This “notorious @$$hole” now spends her time clearing tables at a fast-food joint.

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    Small Firms, Big Lawyers: Disclaimer — This Post Contains No Tax Advice

    Ed. note: This is the latest installment of Small Firms, Big Lawyers, one of Above the Law’s new columns for small-firm lawyers. Nor does it create an attorney-client relationship between you and Above the Law. It may also constitute attorney advertising, depending on the state you’re in (such as boredom or apathy). Please consult the […]

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  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 02.22.11

    * Something called the “Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act” is moving through the Minnesota Legislature and is described thusly: “If you eat too much and get fat, you can’t sue the food retailer.” The Scales of Justice. [Grand Forks Herald] * Lat’s alma mater has started an initiative called “Don’t Filter Me, Bro.” [Yale […]

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    Morning Docket: 02.21.11

    * This Wayne State law student has devoted her life to making all of us look bad. [Detroit Free Press] * Squash enthusiast Arlen Specter has returned to legal practice as a solo practitioner. [Philadelphia Inquirer] * After the revolution, Tunisia naturally has moved onto the important business of deciding what to do with the […]

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    Non-Sequiturs: 02.18.11

    * Freakishly tall woman would like to be a lawyer if modeling doesn’t work out. More importantly, here are some pictures of a freakishly tall model. [AOL News] * Goat poo securities. [Dealbreaker] * At some point, we’re going to have to take a closer look at the alleged horse rapist. [News Times] * Republicans, […]

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    Staff Layoff Watch: Schulte Roth Has A Different Kind of Spring Surprise

    We’ve been trying to figure out how many top New York firms will adopt spring bonuses. It doesn’t appear that Schulte Roth & Zabel will be one of them. Multiple tipsters report Schulte Roth conducted staff layoffs earlier this week. But maybe we shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that this means Schulte will not be […]

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    Police Tell Female Law Students ‘Don’t Dress Like a Slut’ To Avoid Sexual Assault

    Sigh. You know, I kind of get what this police officer was trying to say. When speaking in front of a group of law students at Osgoode Hall Law School, a Toronto cop told women they could avoid sexual harassment and assault by not dressing like sluts. As a black person, I’ve heard similar things. […]

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  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 02.18.11

    * “As virtually any clown can attest, no one owns the idea of making a balloon dog.” Jeff Koons was on the wrong side of this awesome legal beatdown. [Freakonomics / New York Times] * In honor of his memory, a new federal courthouse in Arizona will be named after Judge John M. Roll. [CNN] […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 02.17.11

    * Do not handcuff law professors and search their homes for drugs unless you are absolutely sure you are right. [SF Weekly] * Facebook adds relationship status options for “civil union” and “domestic partnership.” [Huffington Post] * Quick, 1Ls: Do I need an easement or a covenant to erect a 24-foot cross that shines into […]

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