• Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 12.16.08

    * Eliot Spitzer is now a columnist for the Slate. Who’d he have to **** to get that job? [GapperBlog] * There’s nothing here that regular ATL readers don’t already know about, but here’s NPR’s take on our legal community, with a little help from me. [NPR] * I’ve got an innovative solution to layoffs: […]

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  • Holidays and Seasons

    Open Thread: The Time for Giving… To Lawyers!

    We’ve covered gift-giving by lawyers, to their secretaries and administrative support staff. Now, it’s time to move on to gift-giving to lawyers. This is an open thread to discuss best gifts for lawyers. Perhaps you can e-mail the post out to friends and relatives instead of compiling the hated gift wish list. To get your […]

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  • Layoffs, Secretaries / Administrative Assistants, Staff Layoffs

    Dechert Ices 72 Staff Positions

    We started getting reports this morning that Dechert let go a number of secretaries and legal assistants. But the numbers from our tipsters were low, very low. The Legal Intelligencer just reported that Dechert has in fact laid off an amazing 72 staffers. A firm spokeswoman confirmed that Dechert has laid off 72 administrative staff […]

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  • Associate Bonus Watch 2008

    Associate Bonus Watch: Fried Frank Wades Into Half-Skadden Pool

    After stealthily laying off at least 30 associates, the Fried Frank bonus announcement should come as no surprise: Nobody expected Fried Frank to break into Skadden territory on bonuses. But at least there is a nod towards the reason for paying the low-end bonuses championed by Cravath: Current global economic conditions have presented new challenges […]

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  • Trendspotting

    New Facebook Application: “You’ve been served”

    You can use Facebook to accumulate friends, poke strangers, and tag photos. And if you’re a lawyer in Australia, you might be able to use it to serve a complaint. Our legal friends in the Land Down Under have made an interesting ruling. From the Associated Press: A court in Australia has approved the use […]

    21 Comments / / Dec 16, 2008 at 12:44 PM
  • Money, Salary Freeze, Skaddenfreude

    Nationwide Pay Raise Freeze Watch: Latham & Watkins

    I’ve been operating under the assumption that the legal layoff party of 2008 would stop in 2008. My rose colored logic has been simple. I’ve assumed that Biglaw managers can: A) count, B) add, and C) figure out a sustainable 2009 business model. If those three assumptions are true, I figured that most well managed […]

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  • Holidays and Seasons

    Cadwalader: Where ‘Human Resources’ Is a Term of Art

    I’m not sure how you make a “Happy Holidays” e-card mildly insulting, but then again I’ve never been schooled in the dark arts practiced by Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft. Over the weekend, CWT sent around an inspirational holiday greeting card. Check out the screenshot: Great! Lots of firms send out holiday greetings. But does every […]

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